Servants at Signs of Love

Robin Harter


Robin started this anointed work in 1998.  The lives God has touched & shaped over the years leaves her in awe. She's addicted to being a warrior of The Light. Read our founder's story below.

Amanda Pineda


When we met Amanda, she had no language. She is now one of our best teachers of LESHO, and is a leader in The Deaf Church. She is stellar example to all of us in loving others deeply & trusting God.

Jessie Fox


Jessie has been involved with us since 2007. She's been living in Honduras since 2010 overseeing all of our programs, and so much more! She's an exquisite jewel. She refines us, and brings tender love to all we do.

Orlan Medina


Orlan is absolutely amazing. When we met him in 2001, he didn't have much language. He's now our pastor, is one of the most skilled story tellers on this planet, and he teaches our low language beloveds better than anyone on this planet! 

Kathryn Groseclose


Kathryn is our joy. She's talented beyond measure in her ability to communicate in sign language. She's heading up our Peru launch, and is being lavished with LOVE every single day as she lavishes it out.

Rachel Lewis


This one is an artist to the core! Rachel is always full of ideas that make us all the better, and move us forward. There's nothing she can't do. She's part of our Peru Family, and is rocking the Kingdom!

Yenny Zavala


Yenny has been a Signs of Love participant since our inception. She's one of our most treasured beloveds. We've watched her grow into a powerful warrior of the Light, and we're blessed to have her in our family. 

Amazing Volunteers

Amazing Volunteers

We always seem to get the most amazing volunteers. They love beyond self, and are splendid bearers of His greatness! We celebrate each of the 500+ volunteers we've had over the years, and we are GRATEFUL.



Yep, we have room for you! 

A little about our beginning...


Robin Harter lives to serve those God loves...

She says the work of Signs of Love can be summed up in St. Francis of Assisi's words: Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. The impossible is being accomplished through Signs of Love, and hundreds of lives can testify to that! Robin is passionate about making a difference in this world, and is grateful to love and be loved by the Deaf around the world. She founded Signs of Love in 1998 as a single woman, embracing what seemed to be the insurmountable task God was putting on her heart. Here's her story of how Signs of Love began:


 In 1990 I was introduced to my first taste of American Sign Language when I took it to meet the foreign language requirement in college. My fascination with the language and Deaf culture compelled me to become involved with the Deaf. I served on regional and national boards of an international Deaf organization, was involved in ministering with the Deaf in my local church, and was a freelance interpreter. In 1994 I joined a short-term missions trip to Mexico where scales fell from my eyes, and I started realizing the harsh reality of millions of deaf people in the world without language, and even more assaulting, without hope. After seeing the hardships that the deaf around the world are experiencing, I was compelled by my Lord to become involved in forging new frontiers. In 1995, I accepted an invitation to join a short-term missions trip to Honduras. While on this trip, I realized the unmet need of organizations working with the Deaf in rural areas of developing nations. I then began learning all I could about Deaf ministries in the Western Hemisphere, and after visiting a few countries, it became clear that this organization should be founded to reach the Deaf in rural areas. Signs of Love became a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in 1999. The prevalent needs of the Deaf in rural Honduras, and the lack of any attention being given to those needs was the reason Honduras was chosen as the first country to focus our efforts. I moved to Honduras in the spring of 1999, and within a couple years Honduran Deaf leaders emerged, and soon began partnering in this work.  We now resource other countries in Asia, Africa, and South America training and equipping Deaf leaders to love outrageously. 


In 2008, Robin met the man of her dreams. They married in 2009, and their 'happily ever after' abruptly ended when he was sent Home in Honduras on December 2, 2011.  Jeff Harter's legacy continues through Robin, and she contends all the stronger because of his mark on her life. She's committed to making a Kingdom difference more now than ever.  Robin presently lives in La Ceiba, Honduras.   

She'd love to hear from you, and dream with you to become better warriors of The Light. Email her at