We bring language & love...


...establishing community & bringing Hope!

We love, teach, evangelize, disciple, and church the rural, disenfranchised deaf in developing nations.  We are established in northern Honduras, and we launched in Peru in July 2017.  We also have partnerships in Uganda, Zambia, and Sri Lanka.  

Our goal is to bring language to those who are language deprived, loving them to wholeness, and healing through Jesus Christ. Love is our guide, and we've learned time and again, Love never fails. 

Our main focus is the deaf who live in rural areas, and have no access to language. So, we find them. We teach their country's sign language. We live the Gospel. We cultivate Deaf leaders. We host Deaf camps. We plant Deaf churches (gatherings of Love). We promote Deaf awareness. We launch microenterprises for the Deaf. We bring healing to the wounded and brokenhearted. We love fearlessly & outrageously. 

We want your love...


...the choices for you to get involved are endless.

Whether you want to stay in the comfort of your own home, or venture abroad to another country, we're here for you! You don't need to know sign language to serve with us. Bottom line - you could make a difference in hundreds of lives, and we'd love to have your help.  Contact us with your wishes, and we'll see what the best way is to partner together! 

Meet our family...


We long to reach the countless who have no hope...that is until we find them!

Then we bring them into our loving community where they learn their name, and how immensely they are loved! They learn their identity, and that they have choices.  They learn their life matters, and that God's plans for them are grand! 

Imagine not knowing how to read or write, and even worse, not having any language. You're only able to communicate through using miming with a handful of people, and your vocabulary is limited to 15 gestures if that. You want to go to school,  but nobody believes you are able to learn. You are forgotten and discarded.  You are treated as if you are without intellect, and you are afforded no rights.  You may be physically and/or sexually abused.  You are disenfranchised, a product of your community's lack of awareness. 

This is the reality for hudnreds of thousands of deaf people in developing nations.  Many of these people do not even know their own name. They haven't had the opportunity to learn. They are living...and dying without Hope.  

This is why Signs of Love exists - to bring LOVE to these hearts!